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At Flexforce (House of Hospitality group) we are constantly looking for solutions in a changed HR landscape. The pandemic has forced us to constantly adapt, adjust and find proactive solutions to the war on talent that is also raging in the hospitality sector. The inflow of graduates or newly trained people does not compensate for the outflow, so that in the coming years we will be faced with a structural staff shortage even more than today.

In addition to training candidates and employees, the deployment of foreign workers offers an answer to the numerous vacancies and talent shortages on the Belgian labor market. We attract hospitality talents, both inside and outside the EU, both for the venue and the kitchen. Talent that, for economic reasons or for reasons of personal development, wants to spread its wings and showcase its skills in the field of gastronomy. Our strength is matching the right profile for your vacancy as well as handling all the administration concerning work permits, contracts, integration and residency where necessary.

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Juggling with cocktail ingredients or rather taking care of the friendly service of the guests at the table? Within our wide range you will certainly find something to suit you!


Do you have a passion for cooking? Do you like to be part of a team or do you prefer to manage that team yourself? We have vacancies in both gourmet and industrial kitchens.


Providing our customers with the best possible support by offering production solutions and logistics services for companies in the event sector. We guarantee that.

As an accredited employment agency, we guarantee a professional collaboration based on years of experience in Belgium and the Netherlands. We will be happy to assist you in your search for bottleneck profiles such as chef and sous-chef, equally support you in your search for room staff and technical & logistics profiles. We only select profiles with a basic knowledge of English or French and who are committed to a minimum of 6 months employment.

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Flexforce: Join forces and think along with us to propose suitable profiles for the hall, kitchen or logistics! We are committed to quality.

“At Flexforce, we all work with really great people. You do not always see the same people at work and you meet a lot of new colleagues. Because we work so well together, we meet up regularly for drinks. Your colleagues are also your friends, a group that also expands easily.” “

Bianca Covens

“Flexforce gives us training with a certified maître. You learn everything that is necessary such as welcoming guests, pouring and tapping wine, setting and clearing tables, placing buffets, serving,… Even clothes and shoes were covered. We were given a manual to take home with us in which everything is explained again.”

Melahât Turkmën

“This job is not a job, but simply a passion that I have been in love with since childhood. In that way, of course, there are only fun aspects. If I have to choose one anyway: the human aspect and the many social contacts with both customers and team members. I am also still learning every day on the job, and I like that. Nobody can claim to know everything, and even I still come across new situations after 30 years. Wonderful right?”


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